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10 Minute Moto School
January, 2005
by Racer 450 Staff

Just remember not everything at the track has to do with racing, you have to eat, so you might as well save some cash and fix it yourself.

Todayís menu: Salmon ~ ala ~ Moto

This you can cook on a stove in your camper or hotel. Itís also great on the grill. Itís about 20 degrees outside the shop so weíll stick with the stove today. Look for a grill version come spring.

Start off, pick up a side of salmon. Not the soggy chopped up pieces youíll find prepackaged. Get a large heavy skillet, stainless or cast iron. Dribble in some olive oil and a few large chunks of butter. Flip your stove to medium heat and let the butter melt. Stir in the melted butter with a wooden spoon or non-used paint mixing stick if supplies are low.

What do you like the taste of? Throw it in the pan. We chopped up some fresh parsley, lemons and garlic cloves. Squirted in some Worchester and called it good. You can add whatever you like. Play around with it.

Next stir in your mixture and drop in the salmon. Let it heat on medium. Keep an eye on it because you donít want it to char and it only gets flipped one time. Expect to wait 15-20 minutes.

Now, youíve got some time to kill. Pick up your favorite ATV magazine, scratch that. Magazines are boring and they all have the same crap. Walk over to the track and watch a few minutes of racing, talk to the moto crowd and invite some friends back to your pit for lunch or dinner.

Flip your fish, if you havenít charred it, this will be your serving side. Add some butter and a slice of lemon; this will soak down through the fish as the bottom cooks. Let it set for 15-20 minutes or until done. The fish will become flakey or rough when it is finished.

Pick out the perfect beverage and move your salmon to a plate. Serve with lemon, parsley and ranch dressing. Now your in business!

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