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Hiper Racing Wheels
Racer 450 Magazine
July, 2007

Hiper Non Beadlock Front Wheels

A few months back we showed you an article featuring black ITP C-Series wheels on our 450R Test Bike. Although we had excellent results from those wheels and gave them a good review we new at the time we installed them they wouldnít be making it to the final cut. As nice as those wheels are they werenít designed for racing and although they were tuff we knew they wouldnít last on a national caliber bike which is what we are building.

Recently released on the market are Hiper Racing Wheelsí non-beadlock front wheels and single beadlock rear wheels. We hadnít really seen too much about them in magazines so thatís the way we decided to go.

We chose the non-beadlock front and single beadlock rear for the lack of weight. Front beadlocks are not as generally used in motocross as they are in cross country because motocross racers generally donít blow out their front tires. Our wheels are 10x5 with 3+2 offset. We already have a +2Ē a-arm picked out so the 4+1 offset that a lot of people are going to just isnít necessary although these wheels are available in that offset in both 4/144 and 4/156 bolt patterns for anyone who needs them.
Hiper Non Beadlock Front Wheels

Most of the Hiper rears you will see are dual rear beadlock. Why didnít we go this way, we just didnít see the benefit for our application. The single beadlocks are lighter, plenty strong enough for motocross racing and noticeably less expensive than the dual beadlocks Hiper offers. Our wheels are going on a Honda which shares itsí bolt pattern with Suzuki, Kawasaki and ATK/Cannondale ATVs but is also drilled for a 4/115 Yamaha bolt pattern. This means those of you who have two brands of 450s setting in your garage can interchange wheels.

Although pictured are 8x8 rear wheels, we also picked up a set of 9x8 wheels. 9x8 wheels, although not as commonly used, offer superb cornering against 8x8 because of the shorter harder side wall. We think on a smaller track the nine inch tire/wheel combo may actually have an advantage over the eights, although we would definitely stick with the eights for their impact resistance on a large track like Red Bud.

Final Thoughts:
These are a cool and durable wheel. These wheels stand out and yell ďHIPERĒ no one will be confusing them with ITP or Douglas. They have been proven strong enough for the nationals, are light weight and highly prone lasting. When choosing your Hipers donít look past the non-beadlock front and single beadlock back, they are just cool, just as durable and Racer 450ís pick.

Product provided by: MX Midwest

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