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Small Additions
2007 Honda 450R Project
Racer 450 Magazine
July, 2007

Pro Design Kill Switch

Pro Design Kill Switch:
All legitimate sanctioning bodies require a kill switch for ATV racing. Youíve got to do it, so why not use what most of the pros use. Pro Design kill switches have been the most popular line of ATV kill switches since ATV racing began. They are available in several colors including Black, Red, Blue, White and Yellow. They also offer a wrist band which really works great with this kill switch. We chose the yellow version just so it would stand out against our mostly black 450R.

Mod Quad Throttle & Clutch Covers

Mod Quad Billet Covers:
The little things really make a difference, and we wonít argue. Mod Quad seems to be a really up and coming company making plenty of small dress up accessories for ATVs. We decided to try their billet throttle cover, front brake cover and radiator cap cover. The parts came with a superb polish job and fit just as well as the factory components. For more info see your Tucker Rocky Dealer or visit: www.ModQuad.com

Powermadd Hand Guards

PowerMadd Hand Guards:
Weíre sure youíve probably seen PowerMadd hand guards around the track; they seem to be the new dominating force in ATV hand guards. We went with their newly released version that have all black covers and a plastic mounting kit that is supposed be extremely hard to break because it can twist shape and spring back. We havenít tested that theory yet but they look good, installed easily and we are satisfied so far. For details visit: www.Powermadd.com

Pro Taper Contour Bars

Pro Taper Contour Bars
Like Pro Taperís original oversized handlebar, their Contourís kick butt and have a reduced price. We liked these bars so much with their superb gold anodized and polish job that we bought two sets. Thatís partly because we are really good at rolling test ATVs. Expect these to be some of the best bars in the industry and they also sport PTís new logo. Need more info? www.ProTaper.com

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