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Fox Shox Float Evol
Racer 450 Magazine
September, 2007

Fox Shox Float X EVOL

If you’ve ever wondered what an ATV shock absorber would be like after years of computer aided design, professional rider testing, factory race team support and an endless budget; here it is: Fox’s Float Evol Series.

We contacted Fox about a year ago needing a set of shocks for a project quad. Fox sent over a complete set of shock absorbers for our ATV for us to try out. Unfortunately upon arrival our rear shock was damaged. The hose exiting the shock connecting the remote reservoir has been cracked in shipping. We contacted Fox and sent the shock back, much to our surprise the shock was repaired the day it was received and express shipped back to us.

Some of you may have seen our ATV at a few of the late nationals last year, unfortunately the ATV was damaged severely in a crash during testing before it was completed and we never got any studio photos for the magazine. We chose a new Honda 450R with Laeger’s components including a long travel rear linkage.
Fox Shox Float X EVOL

Although our R was down, we did get positive results out of the suspension. It was dialed in from the get go. Aside from some ride height adjustments with a simple air pressure change there really wasn’t much to do but go really fast and jump really big jumps which didn’t really work out in our favor for long, no fault of the shocks of course.

Starting things out Fox knew there was a serious weight problem with modern triple and quadruple rate spring set ups. They are heavy; they weigh more than stock suspension! Fox eliminated pounds from the traditional long travel front shock absorber by completely eliminating the spring stack.

Replacing the springs is a conventional style oil chamber separated from Fox’s air chamber by a piston and internal negative spring system. Incasing these parts is an oversized 6061-T6 aluminum body that allows for additional oil to help in cooling the entire system.

Fox Shox had a good thing going with the original Float shocks a few years back but they lacked the adjustability needed for a professional rider. Fox realized the potential for these shocks and went to work. The Float X EVOL series features compression and rebound adjustment just like all the other name brand professional quality shocks on the market.

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