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Fox Shox Float Evol
Racer 450 Magazine
September, 2007
Page 2

Fox Shox Float X EVOL

Unlike many of those other shocks, Foxís compression knob acts fast providing instant results. As far as the rebounds goes, we didnít touch it. We really never encountered any need to. Having said that, we would like to ad that Fox has it pretty dialed in.

While the compression and rebound adjustments have trick knobs and require no tools the tradeoff is that lowering ride height and adjusting the main and EVOL air chambers requires special air pumps which are provided in the purchase price. They are very easy to use and fast. It doesnít take very many pumps and you have reached the maximum pressure, so be warned - pay attention.

The reward to all this air pump madness is this, no more spring changes.
Fox Shox Float X EVOL

If youíve been serious into ATV racing you know about changing springs trying to get your shocks right, keeping different springs for different tracks, making up for a lack of valve adjustments with springs. No longer, itís all in the pump!

Last but certainly not least, Fox was the first company to include a shaft protection guard, very similar to fork guards on a dirt bike and they throw in a hefty manual thatís professionally written and easy to understand by a novice shock owner. It is clear Fox spent time on the smallest aspects of their products.

Unlike the fronts, Foxís Podium rear is a traditional dual rate coil spring setup. It can be matched to the leverage ratios of nearly any popular swingarm/linkage setup for nearly any type of racing. Additional oil storage and cooling is accomplished by a remotely mounted reservoir of adequate size. If youíre thinking why bother changing the rear shock I already have to match the fronts guess again.

Podium X shock absorbers are built and designed to work perfectly with the Float fronts. We know that Daryl Rath actually tested and competed with a Float rear shock but the techs actually decided to go back to a traditional style rear shock at production time.

So what do we think?

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