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Fox Shox Float Evol
Racer 450 Magazine
September, 2007
Page 3

Fox Shox Float X EVOL

As much as we obviously love these shocks we can nit pick a bit. Our main gripe is that we arenít huge fans of piggyback reservoirs. This isnít an option on EVOLs like on some other brands. Piggybacks hang out in the open begging to be damaged in a high speed crash. Pro racers may the option of just throwing on some new shocks but amateur riders may have to end the season early. Remote reservoirs can be safely hidden inside the frame rails and although we havenít heard of any broken off piggybacks we would choose ours to be remote if the option existed.

Although this isnít necessarily a review of the rear shock we wanted to talk about it as well. Itís become popular and proved efficient to mount the remote reservoir for the rear shock at the front of the ATV. Fox also does not offer this option and we weíve heard rumors they are looking to piggyback it in the future.
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We know for a fact theyíve tried it but we were told it didnít work as effectively as the fronts, we would love to see a rear Float EVOL to match the fronts. Aside from these minor issues we are extremely saticfied.

If you want a testament to modern suspension technology that works, choose Fox Float EVOL. We have chosen to include Foxís new dual speed compression Float and Podium shocks for our next project on our own dime. In fact pretty much everyone on our staff has picked up a set of these beauties to try out on their own quad. While traditional coil spring shock absorbers are receiving minor updates each year Fox has come forward with a bold new design that is only in itsí infancy. We definitely believe in these shocks and feel that they will only continue to get better with time.

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