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Quad Tech KFX 450 Carbon Fiber
Racer 450 Magazine
September, 2007

Quad TEch KFX 450 Hood

Lo-Pro Carbon Fiber Hood [QT KFX 450 KAD-1]

Our friends at Quad Tech have done it again with their new carbon fiber products for Kawasaki’s KFX450 sport and race ATVs. Like their Honda 450R products that we reviewed last month, these new items take the cake when it comes to good looks and originality. We have yet to see another single item you can ad to your new KFX450 that makes as much difference in the looks as a hood from Quad Tech.

The new Lo-Pro Carbon Fiber Hood [QT KFX 450 KAD-1] features a super smooth line down the nose of the Kawasaki with lots of deeply clear coated carbon fiber. The coolest feature of the hood being the diamond shaped polished billet air inlet is what really makes this hood stand out. Another less noticeable but no less important feature is the color matched Quad Tech logo.

It won’t be long until many other companies start popping out hoods for the KFX450 but when they do you’ll notice one thing, they aint a Quad Tech.
Quad Tech KFX 450 Air Duct

Carbon Fiber Air Duct [QT KFX 450 KAD-1]

Quad Tech’s new Carbon Fiber Air Duct may not be as obvious at first glance as the bold hood but it is just as trick and just as important. The KFX has a large gap underneath the front fenders that needs filled after removing the headlights for racing, much like the Yamaha YFZ 450, for which Quad Tech also makes an air duct for [QT YFZ 450 YAD-1]. Filling in this gap actually directs more air to the cooling system on top of adding show quality good looks.

Almost every company offers racing products now. Are theirs used by the pros, probably not? Aside from Team Suzuki and all the other people using Quad Tech products the new KFX 450 parts can be seen on Team Kawasaki/Monster Energy Pro’s bikes Josh Creamer, Jason Luberg, and Cyle Chislock - Cross Country Pro William Yokley - Baldwin Motor Sports Pro’s Mark Kendaland 2006 National Champion Josh Upperman.

For more visit Quad Tech’s web site www.quadtech-atv.com or call (949) 859.7823

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