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Hummer vs. America
Articles by Ned
Racer 450 Magazine
January, 2008

My favorite thing about being a part of Racer 450 Magazine is that I can write what I want. My job description as described by management: “Write a controversial article pertaining to the ATV industry, modern lifestyle or other current events as often as possible.”

It’s no secret that America is a free country. As often as someone may be trying to pull the wool over you eyes you can still do what you want providing it stays within the boundaries of the law, you can drive what you want as long as you stay within the rules of the road and you can say what you want as long as when you say nasty words they are nouns and not verbs.

There seems to be a major civil war going on in our country right now between extremist environmentalists and the Hummer. Environmentalists have singled out the Hummer for many reasons and to be quite honest it’s an easy target. A large cool looking vehicle with low gas mileage ratings that is loved by youngsters. The only way Hummer as a company could make things worse is by including a target paint scheme in the color options or offering a free pack of cigarettes to purchasers at least eighteen years of age with any new vehicle purchase.

Extremists have even gone so far as damaging vehicles and destroying at least one dealership, such as the case when a Southern California Hummer dealership was bombed. Some dealership owners have now taken drastic measures for security not only on their business, but with their homes and family as well. Other documented cases include the placing of stickers documenting the green cause on Hummers in parking lots while the owners are in stores, as well as tire puncturing and paint damage. Stories have also been reported of semi drivers boxing in Hummer vehicles on the freeways of our free country.

Very interesting in deed if a study was done comparing the environmental damage done by Hummers versus over the road semi trucks for just one day.

Very puzzling are these antics when looking at the complete picture. There are many thousand times more heavy duty pickup trucks on the road running an identical drive train to that of the Hummer vehicles getting exactly the same mileage and doing exactly the same damage to the environment but you don’t hear anything about those trucks.

Hummers also are still such a small percentage of the automotive population they are referred to as a Niche Market. One might argue that the seriousness of this topic might be of more importance to the general public if in fact Hummers made up a much higher market share.

Numerous studies have been done about energy consumption produced throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle and depending on what side of the fence you are standing these studies can vary greatly, such as mentioned in the article “Prius Outdoes Hummer in Environmental Damage - By Chris Demorro, The Recorder.” Amongst the midst of negativity towards the Hummer some press has managed to keep a positive attitude in the Hummer’s defense such as the Behind the Wheel Article “Save the environment, leave Hummer owners alone!” by Mark Tapscott.

Truth be told the world is in a dangerous state with green house gasses and other pollutants. Is it the Hummer owners fault or is it population has a whole? Each and every one of us are responsible for doing our own part in the recovery of our planet. If driving a Hummer is for you buy one. If you totally disagree with their existence, don’t buy one.

What it all comes down to is this. If we all wake up tomorrow and there are no more Hummers, you won’t notice a difference in the air you breath.

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