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AC Racing Blackline Nerfbars
Breakerbar - March, 2010
by Racer 450 staff

It's hard to believe that anyone who has been around ATV racing for any long amount of time has not owned the famous AC Pro Peg Nerf Bars at some point in time. For years they were basically the only foot peg style nerf bar available and they really did change the industry. They have undergone many changes since their introduction back in the late 90's and are now called Blackline Nerf Bars, but are available in other colors but black. Let the review begin.

Like most industry nerf bars, Blacklines are made from standard nerf bar size aluminum tubing and feature fabric webbing. The nerfs feature an attractive shape that sticks out just far enough to protect your ATV from obstacles but doesn't protrude out an insane amount wider than your tires like some modern nerf bars do.

The close loop webbing is available in black, red or silver colors depending on if you choose satin black powder coat or ball burnished aluminum finish. The webbing does not connect to the ATV frame but does provide very good foot coverage and doesn't allow your foot to easily slip between the nerf bar and the frame like many other brands.

These nerf bars replace your factory foot pegs with included heavy duty steel mounts. They mount in the same location but lower or raise your foot peg height slightly depending on which way you decide to mount them. The nerfs then attach to your front engine mount or another strong location, slide on to the mounts and are attached by screws into the metal brackets.

Blackline nerf bars include new stainless steel foot pegs that are removable from the nerf bars. These new stainless pegs do not wear out like the older aluminum pegs and can easily be replaced if they do. The basic nerfs include small heel guards but a larger heel guard version can purchased as well.

Our opinion:
We've used these nerf bars time and time again, an older version was used on the first Racer 450 project 450R when the Rath nerf bars we ordered never showed up. We like them, they look good and perform. Fit can be questionable, it seems like it is a 50/50 chance to whether or not thy are going to fit correctly. If they don't, it takes a little bending to line things up but they are still a great nerf bar. The Satin Black Powder Coat option also looks great in person but tends to flake off easily. We think these are good nerf bars with a low price compared to many of the nerfs on the market now and even with so many choices available we would always consider going back to these.
2.Color Choice
3.Net Color Options
5.Good Looking
1.50/50 Chance on Fitment
2.Powder Coat can Flake
3.Mounts can bend over time
4.May require bending to install
5.Hard to get phone support

Products provided by MX Midwest

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