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Maxxis Razr Cross Tires
Breakerbar - March, 2010
by Racer 450 staff

Maxxis tires have slowly and steadily earned a solid place in the ATV motocross tire market over the last decade. It seems like only just a few years ago Maxxis started selling their Razr MX tire which was simply a shorter version of their Razr trail tire. A huge demand for the ultimate motocross tire from factory teams and the industry's top riders has led to huge innovations in this market. One such innovation is the Maxxis Razr Cross tire line.

Made from a medium compound rubber the Razr Cross is both sticky and durable. The tread pattern has great forward traction and angled side knobs that allow the tire to perform a controlled slide. The tires have a high strength sidewall that allows for additional cushion in landings but stays solid during high speed cornering.

This is due in part to their 4 ply rated construction. Maxxis engineers have manged to keep the weight down while making good use of the extra plies for both durability and function. The Razr Cross tires are also available in several size options which have them a hot commodity in the youth ATV classes.

What do we think?
We think Maxxis hit a home run. The tire has straight line traction. They have good control during sliding and breaking. The front tires turn and don't push and they last, at least as long as any other motocross tire. They seem to like all track conditions and perform better than most MX tires in muddy conditions.

The hot thing right now is using a Razr Cross front with a Razr MX Yellow Letter rear. We must say that we think these are a great back tire as well and they should not be over looked.
1.Good Looking
2.Good Holeshot Traction
3.Good Turning Front Traction
5.Good in Wet Conditions
1.May be harder to get than ITP products.
2.Compound has issues with drying out.
3.Rear tires may require siping.
4.Prices higher than some MX tires.
5.Not available for 9 inch rear wheel.

For more info visit www.Maxxis.com

Products provided by MX Midwest

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